Sketching With Charcoals

Sketching With Charcoals

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When done well, charcoal drawings can look incredibly realistic. In fact, charcoal drawing is a cousin of painting. Because of this, for many artists, charcoal is the medium of choice for portraits, since it can really make them seem to come to life. Charcoal paintings can be preserved as such (see below for notes on…

Cool Origami

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Some believe that Origami is a popular art born in China at the time of the invention of paper. Imported into Japan, it was a great success from the seventh century. It remains to present a lively tradition and rooted in the everyday life of the culture of this country. Its name comes from the…

Painting Mediums

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Paintings can be created with many different types of paints. Depending on which medium is chosen for the piece, the very same painting can end up with a very different look. Things to consider before choosing a medium: Think carefully which medium to use before starting the painting, because once this decision is made, it…


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