Cool Origami

Some believe that Origami is a popular art born in China at the time of the invention of paper. Imported into Japan, it was a great success from the seventh century. It remains to present a lively tradition and rooted in the everyday life of the culture of this country. Its name comes from the Japanese words “oru”, which means folding and “kami”, which means paper.

It consists of making figurative models or not by folding a sheet of paper without cutting or pasting. Origami can be practiced by following diagrams or by giving free rein to imagination.  ThisJapanese art of folding has no secret.

While there are inherently only a relatively small number of folds, the number of permutations and combinations are very large, and a surprising number of objects can be made. Some are very simple, and can even made by small children, while others are truly intricate works of art.

Pretty much any type of paper can be used for Origami. You can use plain paper, or paper with beautiful patterns or paper that has been painted on. In fact, materials other than paper can also be used – the main thing to consider in picking the material is whether it can hold a fold/crease, because this property is absolutely essential in Origami.

Articles made using Origami make great gifts. As mentioned above, almost everyone can make some objects using this method, so don’t be deterred by your supposed lack on skill in this area. As with anything, advanced Origami can take a while to master, but basic Origami can be picked up quickly. The easiest way to do this is to watch an instructive Youtube video, such as the one below.



Another thing you can do is to follow some websites which provide detailed instructions on how to make specific objects.

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